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Totally Water | Alkaline Water Systems | Bottled Water

Boost your Body and your Brain with Totally Water

Basic Info about Totally Water Bottled Water:

Totally Water is Alkaline Antioxidant Micro Clustered, Structured Water. That's quite a mouthful, however, Totally Water tastes great!

Totally Water Boosts your Body and your Brain. This means you will have More Energy and your Body will be Better Hydrated.

This specially Structured Water also combats Inflammation as well as Free Radicals in your System. Furthermore, Toxins are flushed from the body, and Immunity is stepped up.

Alkaline Water assists with the Buffering and Neutralizing of Acid, making your system more Alkaline. Last, but not least, Alkaline Water has Anti-aging and Antioxidant properties, which we all can do with.

Totally Water Bottled Alkaline Water comes packaged in 500ml BPA free bottles, in pallets of 24 bottles. Presently we have a special offer for 24 x 500ml bottles at only R199.00 (Normal Price is R240.00).     Please Note: Delivery costs are not included!

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